Sylwia Kosmala-Grzechnik, PhD, joined wca in August 2013 as a Consultant. Sylwia graduated from University of Warsaw in 2003 with a MSc in Microbiology. After completing her PhD in Biology in 2009 she started working in The Office for Registration of Biocidal Products in Warsaw where she was involved in the evaluation of active substances in the Review Programme under the Biocidal Product Directive (EC98/8/EC) and registration of biocidal products. During that time, she gained experience in ecotoxicology, human exposure and risk assessment for biocidal active substances and products. She then moved to the Regulatory Department at a leading global CRO, where she was responsible for various aspects of biocidal products authorization including data gap analysis, data review and assessment, preparation of risk assessments and robust study summaries. She was also involved in REACh and agrochemical projects.

At wca, in addition to biocides, Sylwia works on REACh-related projects and her responsibilities include data review and assessment, robust summary preparation, data gap analysis and PBT/vPvB assessments.

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