Our Publications

Crane M. 2010. Application of approaches for converting environmental risk assessment outputs into socioeconomic impact assessment inputs when developing Restrictions under REACH. Report to the Luxembourg Environment Agency.

McInnes RJ, Crane M, Rodda HJE, Danks PW, Hogan DV, Field AI. 2008. Multifunctional wetlands in agricultural landscapes: an evaluation of values, impacts and the application of the ecosystem-based approach. Overview Report to Defra.Download

Crane M. 2006. How should we communicate pesticide risks to non-target organisms to stakeholders and the wider public? SETAC Globe 7(4):16-17.

Crane M, Norton A, Leaman J, Chalak A, Bailey A, Yoxon M, Smith J, Fenlon. 2006. Acceptability of pesticide impacts on the environment: what do United Kingdom stakeholders and the public value? Pest Management Science 62:5-19. Download

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