‘One substance, one registration’ is one of the underlying principles of REACH and this necessitates joint registration dossiers to be submitted, containing all available data. Contributions to the costs of joint registrations must be fair and transparent and follow ECHA’s guidance on data sharing, which was updated in 2017. Cost calculations can be complex, but wca have helped both consortia and single companies to negotiate this difficult task. We can provide support with the calculation of Letter of Access costs and review costs provided by lead registrants on behalf of co-registrants to ensure that they are reasonable.

We are also experienced in the management of REACH consortia and have managed the European REACH Grease Thickeners Consortium (ERGTC) since 2016. Although the last phased registration deadline passed in May 2018, companies must still work together to prepare dossier updates and respond to requests from ECHA.

We can offer a bespoke service that meets your needs, on behalf of both single companies and groups of companies, helping to manage REACH-related activities, cost sharing and support with requests to use REACH data under other regulations and in different jurisdictions. To discuss your particular requirements, please contact us.

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