wca can provide bespoke foresight services for substances, issues, regulations and regions to inform strategy and allow early engagement on important business areas. In the face of growing citizen, consumer, regulator and business awareness in environmental and health matters, early notice of emerging regulations and issues can be crucial to the survivability of businesses. Foresight of these issues can allow businesses to shift their strategy, engage with their industry groups and regulators, take proactive steps to allay concerns, and innovate in pursuit of sustainability and safety. Without planned action and knowledge of their risks, businesses may be vulnerable to heavy-handed regulations and risk their reputation.

wca’s foresight services can help identify areas of risk and opportunity. We compile scientific, regulatory and market news from websites, published databases and publicly available sources for specific substances, issues, regulations and regions, in a form and frequency to match your business needs. Examples of foresight areas may include:

  • Global chemicals regulations
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Manufacturing and supply chain
  • Environmental pollution
  • Natural resource management
  • Sustainability
  • Market trends and business initiatives
  • Legal challenges
  • Emerging technologies
  • Scientific publications

Our extensive scientific and regulatory networks also allow us to quickly inform of emerging issues that may not yet be in the public realm. We can also offer advice on what emerging issues and regulations may mean for your business. Please contact us for further information on how our foresight services may benefit your business.

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