Fulfilling the information requirements for REACH will usually require some new testing to be conducted. Additional testing can also be requested as part of Substance Evaluation, and this testing can sometimes be complex and non-standard.

An in-depth knowledge of relevant test guidelines, in vitro test methods and specific requirements for different substance types is necessary in order to evaluate the hazard potential of a substance in a scientifically sound but cost-effective manner. Our team of highly experienced chemists, mammalian toxicologists, ecotoxicologists and environmental fate specialists are on hand to help you through the process, from developing testing strategies, to monitoring studies, interpreting study results and discussing the outcomes with regulators. Many of our staff have worked in laboratories and therefore have practical experience of conducting tests. We also count a number of former regulators amongst our staff, ensuring that we are aware of the requirements of regulators and can design studies to meet these. We have experience of working with different types of substances, including naturally derived substances, inorganics, poorly soluble substances and complex UVCBs.

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