At wca, we understand that REACH, and chemical and environmental legislation and regulations more widely, can be a complex topic. Many companies do not have the internal expertise or resource to stay up to date with often fast moving developments. wca therefore offer bespoke solutions for businesses to meet all their regulatory requirements, as a single package.

Call-off contracts

wca can provide flexible support packages, tailored to fit each company’s regulatory needs. These can cover a wide range of different tasks, depending on the regulatory requirements and actions that arise – from answering regulatory questions to preparing company specific submissions and assistance with reviewing the requirements for future substances.

With such a contract, wca can respond to individual questions from companies and offer specific advice to help companies maintain regulatory compliance, providing a rapid response as and when it is required.

For a more pro-active approach, wca can also provide different levels of ‘foresight’ – from regular horizon scanning across agreed topics and areas to a yearly review of your company’s likely future obligations and upcoming regulatory requirements.


wca can provide up to date training on REACHCLP and other topics. Presentations can be tailored to address your company’s specific questions and topics of interest, from details on the technical and administrative aspects of legislation to your company’s specific obligations. Training can include question and answer sessions and can address confidential or sensitive information which may not be suitable for discussion with other companies or in consortia.

Training is presented in English, though resources can be provided in a number of other European languages including Spanish, German, Italian and French. Training can be provided in person by our regulatory experts or via screen-sharing teleconference systems.

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