wca have extensive experience in establishing and monitoring in chemicoin vitro and in vivo studies, including selecting relevant Contract Research Organisations (CRO), review of study plans, discussion with the relevant laboratories as the studies progress and review of draft reports.

wca combine expertise in human health risk assessment, toxicology, adverse outcome pathways (AOP), exposure and chemistry to solve novel problems. Professionally registered toxicologists, principally trained in the CRO industry, provide the depth and breadth of knowledge to efficiently and effectively monitor progress and testing strategy.

wca can offer study monitoring programmes for REACH registrations.

In addition to international test guidelines, wca have extensive experience in bespoke and novel testing batteries. For example:

  • In vitro particle internalisation for particulate matter
  • In vitro bioelution studies in physiological medias
  • In vivo assessment of subcutaneous drug delivery system in minipigs
  • In vivo toxicity studies via novel vascular and CNS delivery systems
  • Endocrine Disrupting testing programs

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