Grace Panter, PhD, is an applied ecotoxicologist with over 16 years of experience working in a GLP compliant laboratory. She has experience in several areas of ecotoxicology, especially the (bespoke) design and monitoring of higher tier chronic fish tests to address regulatory issues, assessment of potential endocrine disrupting chemicals, aquatic screening methods and the use of animal alternatives. More recently, Grace was involved in conducting environmental risk assessments for Plant Protection Products and active ingredients for submission in the EU, including the evaluation and interpretation of laboratory and field studies.

Grace is, and has, been an active member within several international groups, including SETAC Endocrine Disrupter Testing and Risk Assessment Interest Group (EDTRA IG); OECD Validation Management Group on Ecotoxicity, and ILSI-HESI expert groups on animal alternatives and bioaccumulation looking to update, develop and implement ecotoxicity test methods and guidelines; and ECETOC Taskforces on endocrine active chemicals and identifying chemicals of regulatory concern.

Grace previously worked as a project manager and study director, at AstraZeneca’s contract research facility “Brixham Environmental Laboratory”, involved in regulatory, research and developmental projects for clients from the pharmaceutical, academic and government organisations.