Becky Marks, MSc is Principal Consultant with over 14 years’ experience in regulatory risk assessment. Becky manages REACH registration projects for wca, providing regulatory support to both consortia and single companies, and contributing technical work on the environmental aspects of REACH registrations. Becky has contributed to many successful EU REACH registrations and more recently is supporting companies to fulfil their UK REACH obligations. Becky has worked on projects covering both organic and inorganic substances across a range of sectors including metals, petrochemicals and personal care products. Becky’s REACH-related experience includes data review and assessment, design of testing strategies, preparation of IUCLID 6 files, and conducting PBT/vPvB assessments. She also has experience carrying out environmental exposure assessments using EUSES and CHESAR. Becky is involved in post-registration support and has represented clients in discussions with Member State competent authorities and ECHA.

In addition to REACH, Becky leads on the development of application dossiers for the EU Ecolabel for personal care and cleaning products for wca. She has also worked in other areas of chemical risk assessment, including the determination of Environmental Quality Standards (EQS) and assessment of the fate and effects of veterinary pharmaceuticals in the environment.