Society strives for sustainable, safe, use of chemicals and materials. Establishing what amount of chemical is consistent with a risk to ecological quality or human health, requires a robust understanding of chemical fate, ecotoxicity and toxicology. wca are experts in the derivation and implementation of thresholds of adverse effects for the environment and human health and their use in risk or compliance assessment.

Environmental Quality Standards (EQS) Derivation and Implementation

At wca we derive and apply Predicted No Effect Concentrations (PNECs) and environmental quality standards (EQS) within national and international regulatory regimes.
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Waste Management Consulting and Risk Assessment

The Landfill Directive sets all-encompassing protection goals for the disposal of waste. Its impact on waste management is very significant.
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Nanomaterial Environmental Risk and Impact Assessment

Nanotechnology is the manipulation and control of matter in the nanoscale (size range from approximately 1 nm to 100 nm) in order to make use of unique size- and structure-dependent properties which are different from those associated with individual atoms or molecules or with bulk materials.
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