Rhiannon Smith, BSc, is a consultant at wca. With a degree in Earth Science from the University of Durham, Rhiannon has experience of a range of both REACh-related and non-REACh-related work. She has worked on a range successful REACh registrations as the project co-ordinator for the Organo-Sulphur REACh Group and the European REACh Grease Thickeners Consortium.

Rhiannon has experience and expertise of the requirements for REACh registration, including data review and assessment, robust summary preparation, data gap analysis and design of testing strategies, read across approaches and category justification, PNEC derivation and PBT/vPvB assessments, as well as environmental exposure modelling of organic, organo-metallic and metal substances.

Rhiannon has an interest in the risk assessment of nanomaterials and is involved the preparation of a REACh registration covering nano-sized substances.

Outside of REACh, Rhiannon has experience working with substance avoidance lists and ingredients guidelines, as well as the modelling of environmental risk assessment outputs for use in socioeconomic impact assessments.