May 8, 2024 by Iain Wilson


Becky was co-chair of an endocrine disruption session on Day 2 of SETAC Europe and also had a platform on the assessment of endocrine disruption potential of hydrocarbon UVCBs. The session was well attended and had plenty of interesting talks and discussions.

Also, Graham and Iain participated in an informal CREED workshop presenting to a new audience the need for CREED and how the excel-based tool can be used. There was an active and interesting Q&A from which we are hopeful there will be some new CREED users who will provide feedback on the process.

After this Iain and Graham participated in Metals Interest Group, giving short talks on CREED and the Australian and New Zealand Bioavailability Implementation Project.

Sylwia is an author of two posters on Day 3 (282 and 286) and Adam is an author on a poster about evaluating the effects of metal mixtures on freshwater invertebrate communities.