Becky Brown, PhD, is an applied environmental toxicologist with over 15 years of experience of delivering environmental fate and effects projects for customers from industry, academia and government. Becky has particular experience in endocrine disrupter assessments, PBT assessments, pharmaceutical risk assessments and in developing environmental quality standards for chemicals.

Becky previously worked as a project manager and study director at AstraZeneca’s contract research facility “Brixham Environmental Laboratory” where she managed projects involving the development of novel ecotoxicology life-cycle tests with molluscs and crustaceans and improved test methods for the risk assessment of antimicrobial substances.

Becky has excellent knowledge of environmental regulation and has been a representative on international working groups in areas of scientific expertise including an ECETOC taskforce responding to the 2013 updated PBT criteria from Annex XIII of REACH and on an ILSI HESI expert group focussed on understanding the risks associated with chemicals bioaccumulating in terrestrial environments.

Becky’s post-doctoral research using “biomarkers” measured in organisms in situ for environmental monitoring purposes means she is well placed to contribute to discussions on the use of “Effects Based Tools” in a regulatory context.