April 19, 2016 by Olivia Tran

The Ecolabel is a voluntary programme in the EU that identifies products and services with reduced environmental impact. There are 32 Ecolabel categories, including rinse-off cosmetics (e.g. soaps and shampoos), cleaners, detergents, lubricants and paints and varnishes. The evaluation criteria include chemical hazards, packaging, efficiency and sustainability throughout the product life-cycle. Ecolabelled products display a distinctive flower logo that can be marketed across the EU and the EEA, demonstrating eco-friendliness and sustainability excellence to consumers.

Drivers for the Ecolabel can stem from consumer demand or business initiatives, often as part of corporate social responsibility programmes. Sustainable and responsible procurement is being practised more and more in businesses of all sizes, particularly in the public services, healthcare and hospitality sectors. This will become more important as Europe moves towards implementing legislation on Circular Economy.

The Circular Economy model aims to promote sustainability and efficiency throughout the life-cycle of a product, service or process. One of the key elements of the legislation is to promote greener products in the market and support recovery and recycling schemes. Reduction of environmental impacts through safe chemical use, package recovery and recycling and sustainable sourcing are very much at the heart of the Ecolabel programme, therefore the Ecolabel is a useful tool in meeting the demands of a Circular Economy.

Ecolabelled products are listed in an EU-wide database which makes it easy for businesses and consumers to identify products that help them meet their responsible procurement goals.

wca can help compile Ecolabel applications for all product types. We are experienced in preparing chemical assessments using readily available data that can eliminate the need for additional testing. For other testing requirements (e.g. residue testing, functionality testing), we are able to put you in touch with an appropriate testing facility and provide study monitoring services if needed. If you would like more information about our Ecolabel services, please contact Olivia Tran at olivia.tran@wca-consulting.com.

For more information on the Ecolabel programme, please see here: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/ecolabel/products-groups-and-criteria.html