May 16, 2022 by Iain Wilson


wca are long standing partners of SETAC Europe. As in previous years, we have a major presence at the 32nd Annual SETAC Europe Meeting to be held in Copenhagen. The meeting starts on 15th May and runs through until the 19th, with the presentations also available online. wca have a combination of the platform presentations and posters, and are involved in chairing two sessions; a full breakdown of wca’s involvement is detailed below.

wca will also have an exhibition booth through-out the meeting located at Booth 27 in the Exhibit Hall. We look forward to discussing our work and our presentations with you there, during the live discussion sessions or via the online platform.

Sessions chaired:

4.13 – Pharmaceuticals in the environment – New insights, regulatory needs and knowledge gaps. Dean Leverett will be chairing this session with Gerd Maack, Susanne Schwonbeck, Todd Davidson, Brett Sallach and John Wilkinson, with the session being held in the AM2 (10:40–12:00 CEST) and PM2 (13:25–14:45 CEST) timeslots on 17th May.

6.01 – Advances in the Regulation and Life Cycle Assessment of Metals in the Environment. Adam Peters will be chairing the session Yamini Gopalapillai, Jenny Stauber and Chris Cooper, with the session being held in the PM2 (13:25–14:45 CEST) timeslot on 17th May

Platform presentations

6.01 – Assessing potential environmental risks from the use of zinc-based medicines in piglets. Adam Peters; PM2 on 17th May

6.01 – An EU-wide assessment of potential nickel risks under the Water Framework Directive. Iain Wilson, Adam Peters, Graham MerringtonElizabeth Middleton and Christian Schlekat; PM2 on 17th May

6.01 – Updating the chronic biotic ligand model for nickel in EuropeChris Schlekat, Ellie Middleton, Emily Garman, Adam PetersGraham MerringtonIain Wilson and Charlotte NysPM2 on 17th May

6.01 – Assessment of the potential for the use of lead ammunition at shooting ranges to contaminate groundwater and drinking waterEd Stutt, Graham Merrington and Mick Whelan; PM2 on 17th May


3.19 – Assessing the sensitivity of benthic macroinvertebrate communities to
zinc in the field
Adam Peters, Iain Wilson, Dean Leverett, Graham Merrington, Chris Cooper, Adam Ryan, Frank van Assche and Howard WinbowAM1 – AM2 on 18th May

Poster Corners


7.03 – Framework for evaluating emerging chemical issuesOlivia Tran, Graham Merrington, Adam Peters, Therese Manning, Anna Ramarosandratana, Julie Cattle and Janina Beyer; on 16th May

6.01 – Evaluation of the priority substance deselection assessment for nickel. Adam Peters, Iain Wilson, Graham Merrington, Ellie Middleton, Emily Garman and Chris Schlekaton 18th May

6.01 – Updating the chronic BLM for nickel in EuropeAdam Peters, Charlotte Nys, Ellie Middleton, Emily Garman and Chris Schlekat; on 18th May

6.01 – Review of metal toxicity testing with Lymnaea stagnalisAdam Peters, Kate Roylance, Dean Leverett, Charlotte Nys, Jasim Chowdhury, Ellie Middleton, Emily Garman, Chris Schlekat, Chris Cooper, Adam Ryan, Eric Van Genderen, Stijn Baken, Carrie Claytor, Dave Boyle, Bill Stubblefield, Marie-Christine Simard and Amiel Boullemant; on 18th May



1.05 – Sensitivity of fish to anti-androgens: data reviewGrace PanterBecky BrownAlan Jones, Oliver Koerner, Laurent Lagadic and Lennart Weltje; on 16th May


1.05 – Laboratory survey on assessing vitellogenin in fishNatalie Burden, Fiona Sewell, Laurent Lagadic, Yvonne Wolf, Breanne E. Holmes, Lennart Wjelte, Edward Salinas, James Wheeler, Grace Panter and Becky Brownon 16th May


4.08 – Global approaches to identifying and prioritising apparent emerging chemical issuesOlivia Tran, Graham Merrington, Adam Peters, Therese Manning, Anna Ramarosandratana, Julie Cattle and Janina Beyer; on 16th May


6.08 – The derivation of a maximum acceptable concentration (MAC) for azamethiphosDean Leverett and Iain Berrill; on 16th May


3.19 – Evaluating the protectiveness of the EQS for zincAdam Peters, Iain Wilson, Graham Merrington, Chris Cooper, Adam Ryan, Frank van Assche and Howard Winbowon 18th May


3.20 – Criteria for assessing the relevance of exposure datasetsAdam Peters; on 18th May


3.20 – Evaluating exposure data for reliability and relevance: Time to balance the efforts in chemical risk assessment? Graham Merrington and Lisa Nowell; on 18th May


4.12 – Environmental hazard assessment of metal salts of UVCBsRhiannon SmithOliver Tosic, Graham Whale and Becky Marks; on 18th May


6.01 – Nickel EQS in Europe: Implementation or updateAdam Peters, Graham Merrington, Iain Wilson, Ellie Middleton and Chris Schlekat; on 18th May


6.01 – bio-met a simple tool for metal EQS compliance assessmentAdam Peters, Graham Merrington, Iain Wilson, Charlotte Nys, Ellie Middleton, Chris Cooper, Stijn Baken, Jasim Chowdhury, Dave Boyle; on 18th May


Topical Discussion Sessions

Metals and the EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability. Adam Peters will be moderating the discussion along with Stijn Baken, Steve Lofts and Chris Cooper on Monday, 16 May between 15:15 – 16:15 CEST.

We will also be providing daily blogs on our website/ Linkedin page throughout the meeting.

We look forward to a great meeting, and hope to see you at SETAC Copenhagen.