November 21, 2022 by Graham Merrington

Heinz Field

Adam and Graham participated in SETAC North America, held in Pittsburgh between 13th and 17th November, chairing two sessions and making six presentations. The CREED session on Thursday morning brought together presentations from all of the work group leads from the Technical Workshop, including Adam Ryan of IZA and Michelle Hladik of USGS. Feedback was very useful, and through the discussions additional routes to disseminate the workshop outputs were identified. It is thought that, in addition to the papers soon to be submitted to IEAM, training courses at SETAC meetings will be run to help with the practical implementation.

We also now have a broad group of stakeholders that we have identified that we believe it will be useful to discuss the CREED framework with, include the data generators in analytical laboratories and also journal editors. The latter group will be important to ensure they encourage the submitters of manuscripts, that include measured data, to ensure the raw data is provided in supplemental information.

If you are interested in the outputs of CREED please do contact Graham.