August 24, 2022 by Graham Merrington

CREED blog

The outputs from this workshop continue to be developed and are now being tested (beta testing) by 93 experts from over 30 countries. This beta testing is being undertaken to test the developed criteria for reliability and relevance across measured environmental data regarding the application to three specific purposes (or uses). The aim is to use the feedback from this beta testing to improve the CREED process and deliver greater consistency in the assessment of measured environmental data. Importantly, CREED will provide transparency for assessors and practitioners in identifying the restrictions of datasets for purposes or uses.

The beta testing will finish in the middle of September and the outcomes of the testing will be reported in one the papers that will come from this work, that will be published in early 2023 in IEAM. In addition to a special session dedicated to CREED at SETAC North America, in Pittsburgh in November, a presentation will also be made at the 13th National Monitoring Conference in the U.S.

If you are interested, let me know; I’d be happy to keep you updated.