July 4, 2023 by Graham Merrington

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When Graham and Adam attended SETAC North America in Pittsburgh last year they organised a meeting to discuss the approaches to metal bioavailability implementation in different regions, states, and regulatory jurisdictions around the world. Many of the presenters and participants at that meeting joined to together and have written a short communication, Debates, Dilemmas, and Discoveries (3D, formerly Learned Discourses), in Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management: Implementing approaches to account for metal bioavailability in freshwaters: Current status and future directions

The paper provides a brief outline of the progress to routine regulatory metal bioavailability implementation in the U.S.A., British Columbia and Canada, Australia and New Zealand and Europe and the UK. Future directions, and challenges are also given.

A full paper is currently being drafted that provides a ‘road map’ to metal bioavailability implementation, flagging the most successful aspects from all the current approaches and identifying the remaining challenges.