June 19, 2020 by Rhiannon Smith


One of the topics discussed in the draft motion for a resolution on chemicals strategy for sustainability published in February was requests for further support for SMEs to comply with chemical legislation. Last week ECHA released a webinar on verifying SME status and the steps that companies need to take to ensure they have correctly declared their company size so they can legitimately benefit from the reduced fees for SMEs.

There are different registration fees under EU REACH for companies of different sizes and, as a small company ourselves, with only 14 staff working day to day, we know how important it is for SMEs to make the most of any benefits available.

In the webinar, ECHA gives tips on how to assess company sizes and examples of ownership structures and further information on SMEs are available on ECHA’s support pages, including the SME fees under REACHCLP and BPR.

If you are an SME and thinking about registering or reviewing your existing registrations, or if you are unsure whether you qualify for SME status, feel free to get in touch and we’ll help you review how best to proceed.