• New Ecolabel applications for several rinse-off cosmetics: wca prepared Ecolabel applications for several new rinse-off cosmetic products of similar composition. The application preparation process was efficient as many ingredients were similar between the products, therefore the ingredients did not need to be reassessed in the subsequent applications. wca provided advice regarding product formulation and procurement in order to meet the Ecolabel criteria, and acted as the contact point with the Competent Authority until the certifications were approved.
  • Update of Ecolabel application for a rinse-off cosmetic product under new criteria: A rinse-off cosmetic product was Ecolabel-approved, however following update of the product criteria in 2014, the product application had to be updated. wca were able to use data from the previous assessment to prepare the application in an efficient and consistent manner. A blog on the lessons learned from application of the new criteria is available here.
  • New Ecolabel application for surface cleaning product: wca prepared an Ecolabel application for a new surface cleaning product, which involved consulting the Detergents Ingredients Database (DID) for hazard and biodegradation information. For ingredients not available on the DID-list, open scientific literature was searched, and hazard and biodegradation data were compiled from publicly available information on the ingredient or similar ingredients, supplemented by information from the ingredient supplier. No further testing was required to meet the Ecolabel criteria for chemical hazard and degradation. wca acted as the contact point with the Competent Authority until the product was approved.

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