Paul Whitehead BSc FRSC FBTS, is a chemical Regulatory and Toxicology specialist with many years experience in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic/Toiletry industries. He has been responsible for the hazard/risk assessments and risk management of a wide range of chemical substances on a global basis. This has included notification of new chemicals in the major regulatory regions, and face to face discussions with regulators.

Paul has been involved for many years in the implementation of the EU REACh Regulation, including the preparation of briefing documents and advocacy within Cefic working groups. He has chaired a number of UK and EU industry health and safety associations, developing harmonized policies for the safe handling and use of chemicals. For a number of years Paul was employed in the industrial lubricants industry with BP/Castrol, taking responsibility for the raw material and product risk management policy development and implementation.

Paul is the Chairman of the UK Royal Society of Chemistry Environment, Health and Safety Committee, which acts as the regulatory affairs link of the Society in responding to EU/UK chemical legislation development, and the preparation and publication of an extensive collection of advisory and educational Notes. Paul is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, a Fellow of the British Toxicology Society, and a retired Diplomate of the American Board of Toxicology (1992-2012).