Mike Holland PhD, is a freelance consultant trading as Ecometrics Research and Consulting (EMRC) and based in the UK near Reading. He has played a central role since 1990 in the development of methods for quantification and monetisation of the health and other effects of pollution at a European scale, and economic assessment of options for pollution controls. He has applied this research to inform the development of new environmental legislation in the fields of air pollution, climate, waste, transport and chemicals.

Mike is a member of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists and has been an active participant on a number of working groups established to inform the development of new environmental legislation. He has been an observer to the Socio-Economic Assessment Committee under the REACH Regulation since 2008. Mike was appointed to Defra’s Chemicals Stakeholder Forum as an independent expert in SEA in 2011.

Mike has written or co-authored over 200 papers and reports for a wide range of customers in national and local government, for international bodies such as the European Commission and other EU institutions, for NGOs and for industry.