Beth Power, has been an environmental consultant for over 24 years, specializing in ecological risk assessment (ERA). She has worked in research, regulatory and industrial settings related to: contaminated sites, ports & harbours, mining, non-point source pollution, petrochemical industries, and land development. In the early 1990s, she led the team that developed the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) guidance documents for ERA. Since then, Beth has led or contributed to numerous ecological risk assessments in various jurisdictions, including the UK and USA. Her recent work on ERA guidance includes leading the Science Advisory Board (SAB) task group that guided development of “Detailed Ecological Risk Assessment Guidance” for contaminated sites in British Columbia (BC), Canada. She is also led development of Problem Formulation guidance for the UK and assisted with defining ERA protection goals for Environment Canada. Beth is a “Contaminated Sites Approved Professional (Risk Assessment)”. During her three years working in the UK, she developed an understanding of the regulatory regime and contaminated sites issues. Her experience makes her a candidate for independent peer reviews of risk asessments and ERA guidance.