The Bioavailability Implementation Forum was held at SETAC-Nantes on the 24th May to discuss meeting the challenges of implementing bioavailability-based EQS for metals. The forums aims were to provide an update on initiatives in regard to bioavailability and BLMs that are of relevance to regulatory implementation. It was also an opportunity to discuss existing challenges and practical solutions.

A brief summary of the forum is available to download here, and the presentations from the meeting are available to view and download below:

Meeting the challenges of implementing bioavailability-based EQS for metals - Introduction. Graham Merrington (wca), Chris Schlekat (NiPERA), Olivier Perceval (ONEMA-DAST) and Adam Peters (wca)

Bioavailability-based metal risk assessment activity in Asia. Chris Schlekat (NiPERA) and Robert Dwyer (ICA)

Activity on bioavailability-based approaches for metals in US and Canada. Chris Schlekat (Nickel Insitute), Eric Van Genderen (IZA), Robert Dwyer (ICA), Bill Stubblefield (OSU) and Jasim Chowdhury (ILA)

Zinc Bio-met boundaries. On behalf of the International Zinc Association

Parameterisation of Biotic Ligand Models for Nickel to Australian Test Species. Adam Peters (wca), Graham Merrington (wca) and Chris Schlekat (NiPERA)

Adoption of Bioavailability Tools for Metals Risk Assessment and Standard-Setting in the USA and Canada. Robert Dwyer (ICA)

Sharing Italian approach for the implementation of bioavailability concept in the Ni, Pb classification. Stefano Polesello (CNR-IRSA)

Aquatic Life Metals Criteria Under Development in OW. Kathryn Gallagher (US EPA)

BLM project in the Nordic countries. On behalf of SYKE

Also available for download is the Technical Support Document: An Evaluation to Derive Statewide Copper Criteria Using the Biotic Ligand Model, prepared by James McConaghie and Andrea Matzke (Depatrment of Environmental Quality, State of Oregon)