In 2008 a SETAC sponsored Technical Workshop was held in Sydney, Australia. The book of the deliberations from this workshop has now been published by Taylor & Francis:

Soil Quality Standards for Trace Elements: Derivation, Implementation, and Interpretation
By Graham Merrington and Ilse Schoeters

The book addresses the derivation of soil standards for trace elements and most crucially the implementation of these standards within regulatory and human and environmental risk assessment frameworks. This book presents an overview of the current state of the science and describes how this can be applied in a regulatory context. The challenge of regulating metals in the terrestrial environment include issues related to ambient background concentrations, essentiality and the influence of soil properties on metal speciation and subsequent toxicity.

The text provides examples of practical ways forward to meet these challenges for both human health and environmental soil quality standards. The final chapter looks at recommendations and some clear ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ in relation to deriving and implementing effective soil quality standards for trace elements.

Most EU Member States have unvalidated soil quality standards for trace elements for which it is not clear from what data they have been derived, and how, and that do not account for changes in soil properties, such as pH, organic carbon content and clay content that are known to affect toxicity. These issues are addressed in this book.