April 11, 2023 by Iain Wilson

SETAC Dublin_blog

wca are long standing partners of SETAC Europe. As in previous years, we have a major presence at the 33rd Annual SETAC Europe Meeting to be held in Dublin. The meeting starts on 30th April and runs through until the 4th May, with the presentations also available either via live-stream or online. wca have a combination of the platform presentations and posters, and are involved in chairing three sessions; a full breakdown of wca’s involvement is detailed below.

wca will also have an exhibition booth through-out the meeting located at Booth 60 in the Exhibit Hall. We look forward to discussing our work and our presentations with you there, during the live discussion sessions or via the online platform.

Sessions chaired:

6.01 – Advances in Understanding of the Fate and Toxicity of Metals and Metal Mixtures, and its Application in the Regulation of Metals in the Environment Adam Peters will be chairing this session with David Boyle, Erin Smith and Steve Lofts with the session being held in the PM (13:35 –14:55 IST) timeslot on 3rd May.

6.06 – Evidence Led Approaches to Identifying Chemical Priorities and Groupings for Effective Risk Management. Olivia Tran will be chairing the session with Kerry Sims and Lucy Birkitt, with the session being held during the poster session (18:00 –18:45 IST) timeslot on 3rd May

6.04 – Deriving and Implementing Ecologically Relevant Environmental Quality Standards Adam Peters will be chairing the session alongside Sandrine Andres, with the session being held in the AM2 (10:45–12:05 IST) timeslot on 4th May

Platform presentations

6.03 Are changes in vitellogenin concentrations in fish reliable indicators of chemical-induced endocrine activity? Becky Brown, Grace Panter, Edward Salinas, Lennart Weltje, James Wheeler, Natalie Burden, Yvonne Wolf and Laurent L.-M. Lagadic AM2 on 3rd May

6.01 – Using Bioavailability To Characterise Risks In European Freshwaters; The Example Of Copper. Iain Wilson, Adam Peters, Graham Merrington and Stijn Baken; PM on 3rd May

6.04 – Deriving an EQS for Aluminium in UK Surface Waters Adam Peters, Iain Wilson and Graham Merrington; AM2 on 4th May

Poster Corner

 4.01 – If the 95th Percentile Risk Quotient of a Substance in Surface Waters in a Country Is Above 1 Is It Always A Country-wide Risk?  Iain Wilson, Adam Peters and Graham Merrington; on 1st  May


6.03 – Potential information requirements for endocrine disruption assessment under REACH: The reliance on animal dataRhiannon Smith, Grace Panter, Natalie Burden and Becky Brown; on 3rd May

3.23 – PhysChemEuro: Introducing a new, comprehensive aquatic chemistry database of European watersAdam Ryan, Elizabeth Middleton, Amy Baldwin, Kelly Croteau, David DeForest, Graham Merrington, Adam Peters, Iain Wilson and Bill Stubblefield; on 3rd May

 3.14 – Impact of Wastewater Treatment Works’ Effluent on Downstream Water QualityLucy Kennelly, Mike Gardner and Sean Comber; on 4th May

 6.04 – Updating the EQS for zinc in the UKAdam Peters, Iain Wilson, Graham Merrington and Chris Cooper; on 4th May

 6.04 – Updating the Metals Bioavailability Assessment Tool for assessing EQS compliance for bioavailable metals in the UKAdam Peters, Iain Wilson and Graham Merrington; on 4th May

 6.04 – Updating the Environmental Quality Standard for nickel in the UKChris Schlekat, Adam Peters, Iain Wilson, Graham Merrington, Elizabeth Middleton and Emily Garman; on 4th May

We will also be providing daily blogs on our website and Linkedin page throughout the meeting.

We look forward to a great meeting, and hope to see you at SETAC Dublin.