May 15, 2020 by Dean Leverett

In my previous blog on how wca are coping with the Covid-19 outbreak, I promised further blog updates as the situation developed.

I am pleased to report that during the UK’s ‘lockdown’ period, very little changed within wca and we have continued to offer a Business As Usual service to all clients.

Our offices remain closed for the time being, and I would not expect them to re-open before June, at the earliest. However, all our staff remain available through the normal contact routes (office phone numbers are forwarded).

We have not yet experienced any coronavirus related illness within the company itself, but are realistic that this could still happen at any time, especially as the country starts to open-up and people are able to move around more freely.

As noted in the last blog, we have clear project management procedures in place to deal with staff illness and to provide successional back-up when required, and so do not foresee any significant issues going forward.

We are not aware of any delays or postponements of planned work owing to Covid-19, but are nevertheless extremely grateful for the support and understanding of all our clients throughout these difficult times.

I will post further blog updates to our website if the situation changes.