June 1, 2020 by Graham Merrington


wca participated in the SciCON SETAC’s 30th Annual European meeting between May the 3rd and 7th of May 2020. We were involved with presentations and posters on metals on the development of Multiple Linear Regression models to account for nickel bioavailability in Australian freshwaters, performing ERA for nickel in the tropics, deriving national bioavailability-based specific pollutant EQS, the target and the validation of simplified tools for implementing EQSs. In addition to the metals work we presented chronic testing outcomes for diclofenac in attempts to reduce uncertainties and also ways forward to derive an ecologically relevant EQS for diclofenac.

This was the first ‘virtual’ conference many of us had attended and aspects certainly seemed to work very well – particularly the ‘Live’ sessions where both Adam and Dean activity participated. The material from the meeting can all be viewed online until the 5th of June. While not a replacement for a face-to-face meeting we believe the virtual component provides increased global access, allows active participation and likely reduces environmental impacts of travel – so is perhaps part of the new ‘normal’.

If you are interested in any of our posters or presentations please contact us here.