May 3, 2023 by Iain Wilson


wca have continued to be very busy presenting our work, attending interest groups and presentations over Day 2 and Day 3 of SETAC Dublin; as well as catching with many colleagues and collaborators.

Becky presented an evaluation of vitellogenin study variability across different fish species in the Endocrine Disruptor session (6.03) and, in the same session, Rhiannon presented a poster on the potential requirements for endocrine disruption assessment under REACH.

Iain gave a presentation at the Metals Interest Group focusing on user-friendly bioavailability tools, and also presented in the Metals regulation session (6.01) on using bioavailability tools to predict the risk from copper exposures in Europe (session chaired by Adam). This evening Olivia is chairing the poster-corner session on evidence led approaches for chemical prioritisation and chemical groupings.

Tomorrow will be another busy day, with Lucy presenting on the impact of wastewater treatment works effluent on downstream water quality. Adam is chairing the Deriving and Implementing ecologically relevant environment quality standards session which also has posters and a platform from wca.