February 16, 2022 by Rhiannon Smith


The Dangerous Substance Directive was the pre-cursor to REACH in the EU and notifications made under this Directive were known as NONS (‘Notification Of New Substances’).

Currently, NONS notifications for substances can be ‘grandfathered’ into REACH and notifiers can claim REACH registration numbers. However, this will no longer be the case from the 17 July 2022, when ECHA will stop the process allowing NONS notifiers to claim REACH registrations.

From 17 July 2022, ECHA will mark any unclaimed notifications as ‘not valid’ in REACH IT and notifiers who had not already claimed a REACH registration would no longer hold a valid registration for manufacture or import of their substance to the EU. To continue making or importing the substance, companies would need to undertake a full REACH registration from the beginning.

If you have an unclaimed NONS notification and would like assistance with claiming this in REACH IT, please contact us as soon as possible.