March 20, 2019 by Adam Peters

Graham and I recently attended a workshop on “Advances in risk assessment tools with relevance to tropical southeast Asia and Melanesia” in Singapore organised by the NiPERA. The workshop was about developing ecological risk assessments for the region, with a particular focus on nickel producers. All aspects of ecological risk assessments were considered, with a focus on ecotoxicological hazard data, exposure issues specific to the region, and I covered the characterisation of risks (i.e. combining the exposure and effects information to draw conclusions about potential risks to local ecosystems). Practitioners from Australia, New Caledonia, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, and Korea were involved, and provided insights into current practices and how recent scientific developments might be brought into best practice for environmental risk assessments in the region. This work follows on from studies which we have undertaken in Australia and on the relative sensitivity of tropical and temperate species.