September 27, 2019 by Graham Merrington

Adam and I, along with Diego Garcia Carvajal from the European Copper Institute, were fortunate to be invited to run a seminar for Spanish regulators in Madrid on the 26th of September. Twenty four participants from the national ministry and from regions across Spain partook in the ‘hands-on’ course in using simplified tools to assess compliance for metals such as copper, nickel and zinc against bioavailability-based Environmental Quality Standards. Challenges remain for many member states in the step change from hardness-based to bioavailability-based EQS and the need for additional supporting parameters such as dissolved organic carbon. Alejandra Puig Infante on the ministry opened and closed the meeting and provided context for the need to use bioavailability-based approaches in Spain. Participants used bio-met v5 with their own data to assess the utility of the approach.