May 29, 2019 by Ed Stutt

It’s a glorious sunny day in Helsinki but wca are locked inside at SETAC on Day 3 doing their bit to further the ‘one health’ perspective that is the overarching theme of this conference, linking environmental and human health. We have had a steady stream of conference delegates visiting our booth and all had a very positive view of the meeting.

I gave a platform presentation on ‘Improving risk assessment of contaminants in material spread to land’ covering both ecological and human health risk assessment. On another busy day for us, Dean chaired an excellent session on ‘Wastewater Effluents: How Research Can Improve Risk Assessment and Regulation’ and Olivia presented her poster on the ‘Derivation of total polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) water quality standards using probabilistic approaches’.

Today’s sessions at the conference covered a variety of interesting topics ranging from ‘one health in the arctic’ to ‘effects of contaminants on behaviour, ecology and evolution’ and ‘human and environmental risk assessment of chemical mixtures.