June 17, 2019 by Graham Merrington & Adam Peters

Adam and Graham attended the final project meeting at the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, Helsinki last week. The project lead, Matti Leppänen of SYKE chaired the meeting that discussed the data that were produced from testing local tests species, snails, daphnids and algae in waters from Sweden, Norway and Finland to validate bioavailability concepts for copper, nickel and zinc. The data for invertebrates shows that the bioavailability models are applicable to these waters, although some differences in sensitivity have been observed for the soft water species compared to their hard water counterparts. The data for algae are still in the process of being analysed and the modelling calculations performed.

Open literature publications will be available from this work in the near future.

In addition to the test data the recent guidance on implementing bioavailability was discussed as was regional progress to delivering bioavailability-based EQS for copper, nickel and zinc. Sweden has extensive implementation and compliance guidance and Norway and Finland also both use bioavailability-based EQS for nickel and lead from the Water Framework Directive.

Practical steps on using simplified tools were discussed as were ways to address data challenges and situations were water chemistries fall outside applicability ranges of the Biotic Ligand Models.