September 27, 2018 by Graham Merrington

Graham Merrington is currently in New Caledonia on behalf of NiPERA meeting local scientific organisations involved in environmental research in the behaviour and fate of nickel from local mining activities.

Graham was discussing the ongoing Nickel ERA Project in the South East Asia and Melanesia that involves scientists in Australia, Hong Kong and wca. The recent work undertaken on validation of the NiBLM for tropical species was discussed and the upcoming paper, recently submitted, by Adam Peters looking at the merging temperate and tropical ecotoxicity datasets in the context of limit value setting for this region. Peggy Gunkel-Grillion (ISEA, University of New Caledonia) discussed recent work looking at impacts of mining on local fresh and coastal waters in relation to nickel mining activities that is soon to be published. The data in this and other new projects from these research scientists are likely to enable a refinement of the current exposure assessment, which is limited by a lack of measured water chemistry data from latertic mining areas, such as those found in New Caledonia.