October 16, 2018 by Ed Stutt

Last week I attended an event put on by Defra and HSE to highlight what would happen to chemicals regulation in the UK in the event of a no deal Brexit (when the UK would become a ‘3rd country’ in relation to the EU).

In the event of no deal the government will convert EU Chemicals Regulations to UK Law before the exit date next March. In terms of chemicals registration, the UK authorities will automatically accept REACH registrations (and authorisations) in place at the time of exit. After the UK leaving the EU under this scenario companies should provide ‘basic information’ within 60 days. A full data package (as per REACH) will be required at a later date.

Defra advised UK companies that in order to maintain unfettered access to the European market companies they should transfer their REACH registration to an EU-based organisation.

UK REACH-IT software is being developed as a contingency for registration purposes under a no deal scenario. This will work in a limited operating capacity from Day 1 after exit (being capable of registration only at that point) before moving to full operational capacity at a later date.