July 24, 2018 by Becky Marks

With the passing of the final REACH registration deadline for phase in substances in May, many breathed a sigh of relief at having accomplished the successful registration of their substances. But we all know registration was only the start of the REACH process, so what next?

Now that the 2018 registration phase is complete, it is time to start reviewing past submissions. Of course, dossiers are updated in response to Compliance Checks and Substance Evaluation checks, but it is important to be proactive and continually update your dossiers as new information becomes available. REACH requires that dossiers are updated regularly, to account for new data, tonnage changes and to meet the latest regulatory guidance. Since the first registration deadline in 2010 there have been many developments to the REACH requirements, including the update to IUCLID 6, the release of the Read Across Assessment Framework, revisions to the guidance for PBT assessment and updated testing requirements, to name a few. The Substance Evaluation process has highlighted the need to include an assessment of endocrine disrupting potential in REACH dossiers and there is also increased focus on providing relevant, realistic exposure assessments, which have sometimes been a neglected part of the REACH process.

To mark the start of this new phase in the REACH process we have revamped our REACH webpages, please take a look and see how we can continue to help you on your REACH journey. Furthermore, as we believe that flexibility is key, we now offer the option of call off contracts, providing regulatory support as and when your business requires. We can also provide training for REACH and other regulations that are relevant to your business, which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your company. Please contact us for further details.