April 12, 2017 by Dean Leverett

wca have a long history of involvement with, and support for, the Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC). Our staff have, over the years, attended and presented our work at SETAC conference in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. We are sustaining members of SETAC Europe, and pride ourselves on getting involved as possible in the scientific programme of SETAC Europe conferences, as well as having a presence in the exhibition hall.

This year is no exception, and we look forward to presenting our work at SETAC-Europe 2017 in Brussels this May.

Platform presentations

Ed Stutt will be presenting work on the ‘Prioritisation and Screening Risk Assessment of Contaminants in Sewage Sludge for Application to Land’ in the ‘Advances in Soil Ecotoxicological Risk Assessment of Chemical Stressors’ session on Wednesday 10th May.

Becky Brown will be presenting her work on ‘Assessing the Relevance and Reliability of Invertebrate Embryo Larvae Studies for Risk Assessment of Pharmaceuticals’ in the ‘Cost Effective and Ecological Relevant Testing using Invertebrate Species: New Insights for Environmental Risk Assessment’ session on Thursday 11th May.

Dean Leverett will be co-chairing the Session, ‘Wastewater Effluents: How Research Can Improve Risk Assessment and Regulation’, on Monday 8th May, with Mirco Bundschuh of Landau University.

Poster presentations

Becky Brown will be presenting on ‘Biological Effects Measures and Adverse Outcome Pathways Applied to Effluent Assessment’ in the ‘Wastewater Effluents: How Research Can Improve Risk Assessment and Regulation’ session on Monday 8th May.

Adam Peters will be presenting his work in a Poster Corner on ‘Using Field Data to Support the Derivation of an EQS for Zinc’ in the ‘Fate and Effects of Metals: Regulatory and Risk Assessment Perspective’ session on Tuesday 9th May.

Olivia Tran will be presenting our work on the development of ‘A Framework to Assess the Suitability of Water Quality Standard Values Derived in Different Global Jurisdictions as Alternative Water Quality Benchmarks for Canada’ in the ‘Risk Assessment and Management of Waterbodies (Ground, Fresh, Marine and Drinking Waters)’ session on Wednesday 10th May.

Olivia will also be presenting on an ‘Exposure-based Risk Assessment of Historic Aluminium Smelters in France to Inform Continued Water Monitoring Responsibilities’ in the ‘Risk Assessment and Remediation of Mine Sites and Processing Sites’ session, also on Wednesday 10th May.

Rhiannon Smith will be presenting on the ‘Matrix Effects, Bioavailability/Bioaccessibility and the Risk Assessment of Grease Thickeners In Situ in Base Oil’ in the ‘Improving the Environmental Assessment of Complex Composition Substances and Mixtures for Chemicals Management’ session on Thursday 11th May.

The full abstracts for all of these presentations will soon be available here (Scientific Programme for SETAC Brussels link).

If you are interested in any of these subject areas and wish to discuss the work that will be presented with the authors, please do get in touch here.

We will, of course, also be available at our booth in the Exhibition Hall (No. 22).

We look forward to seeing you all in Brussels in May!!