May 9, 2017 by Ed Stutt

wca are currently attending a very busy SETAC Europe 2017 in Brussels Belgium. We are enjoying the usual packed scientific programme (8 parallel sessions), renewing acquaintances and sampling the excellent local beers;

Sunday (Day 1): Ed Stutt & Dean Leverett attended a Symposium organised by the SETAC Pharmaceuticals Interest Group looking at ‘Ten years’ experience with the environmental risk assessment of human medicinal products: What do we know now? and What are the future priorities for science-based policy?’. This special session comprised presentations from academic, regulatory and industry perspectives and a group discussion on how we might improve the ERA framework going forward.

Monday (Day 2): Dean hosted one of the first sessions of the day on Wastewater Effluents, focussing on How Research Can Improve Risk Assessment and Regulation. The rest of us went to interesting sessions on advances in metals risk assessment and research linking human health and ecological risk assessment by looking at adverse outcome pathways (AOPs).

wca are also available at our booth in the exhibition hall (No. 22) through-out the conference.