May 24, 2016 by Iain Wilson

Graham Merrington, Dean Leverett, Adam Peters and Becky Marks are all currently attending the SETAC Europe Conference in Nantes. wca have a trade stand (No. 20) at the conference where we would happily discuss the work wca staff are presenting or any projects that we could help you with.

wca staff members will be making the following presentations before the end of the conference

Tuesday 24th May

Platform presentations

Graham Merrington will be presenting ‘Ten years on: Soil screening values for ecological risk assessment in the UK’ in the ‘Fate and Effects of Metals’ session on Tuesday 24th May.

Wednesday 25th May

Platform presentations

Dean Leverett will be co-chairing the Special Session, ‘Are we going about chemicals risk assessment for the aquatic environment in the wrong way’, on Wednesday 25th May. This session aims to critically re-evaluate the current approaches for chemicals risk assessment. Dean will also be presenting in this session on ‘The prioritisation of substances and the derivation of EQS under the WFD – how did we get where we are?’

Poster presentations

Becky Marks will be presenting on the ‘Review of ERA data submitted as part of pharmaceutical marketing authorisations’ in the ‘Science-based strategies for the environmental assessment and management of pharmaceuticals and veterinary medicines’ session on Wednesday 25th May.

Dean Leverett will be presenting ‘Towards an updated ERA for propranolol’ in the same session.

The full abstracts for all of these presentations are available here.

Adam Peters presented his work on ‘Understanding the behaviour of silver in surface and waste environments: experimental validation of WHAM’ in the ‘Metals in the environment’ session on Monday 23rd May, while Graham presented a poster on ‘Determining the removal of platinum group metals in industrial effluent during storage’ in the ‘Metals in the environment’ session. If you missed either of these, we will happily discuss the work with you if you come via the stand (Booth No. 20)

We look forward to seeing you at our stand or presentations.