February 10, 2016 by Rhiannon Smith

wca are expanding their repertoire for EU REACH registrations from the technical aspects of preparing the hazard and exposure assessments sections of dossiers to Consortium management.

wca have significant experience working with a range of Consortia, from only a couple of companies to sector wide groups, though previously this had focussed on the scientific and technical aspects of dossier preparation. However, wca have been asked to take on the administrative and financial management for the European REACH Grease Thickeners Consortium (ERGTC) and are looking forward to taking on this exciting challenge.

wca currently act as the technical consultants for the ERGTC, covering all aspects of dossier preparation, including: substance identity and sameness; substance grouping and read across; physico-chemical, environmental fate, ecotoxicity and toxicity hazard assessment; exposure assessment; and CSA/CSR generation. From 2016, wca will also act as the Consortium managers, which will involve: data and letters of access purchases and sales; cost-sharing; SIEF communications; co-ordinating responses and communications with third parties, such as regulators and trade bodies; and managing the Consortium accounts.