September 19, 2016 by Graham Merrington

I attended SETAC Asia/Pacific in Singapore (16th - 19th September 2016) that was focussed on “Managing Environmental Quality in the Asian Century”. The meeting was held at the National University of Singapore. There were 300 participants from 30 countries and the sessions were beyond some of the usual ones at SETAC meetings, with particular interest in the “indigenous knowledge and values in SETAC and environmental science”.

A daylong session was also given over to assessment of metals in tropical ecosystems. This session had presentations on from work in Sri Lanka, the validation of the US copper BLM validation on the Mekong River and a weight of evidence based approach to derive limit values for magnesium in Northern Territory waters around the Ranger Mine in Australia. Chris Humphrey from ERIS who gave this last presentation used field ecological data, including macro benthic invertebrates, mesocosms and laboratory derived data to get to the magnesium guideline.

I presented work that had been put together by Adam, Dean and Iain at wca and Chris Schlekat and Emily Garman at NiPERA on deriving critical chronic thresholds for nickel in tropical freshwaters. The results of the validation of the nickel biotic ligand model in Australia were also given in this session by Chris Schlekat.