May 12, 2016 by Becky Marks

Friday 29th April saw the much anticipated release of IUCLID 6, bringing in a number of significant changes to the IUCLID software. IUCLID software is required for submitting REACH registration dossiers, as well as for submissions under the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR), and therefore it is vital that registrants are aware of the changes and understand the implications of the upgrade. The new IUCLID version brings big changes to the software architecture, as well as some changes to the format of the data in IUCLID. The Validation assistant, and other IUCLID plugins, have also been updated.

The main changes in IUCLID 6 include:

  • Updates to the software requirements
  • Updates to the Validation Assistant plugin, including changes to the completeness check requirements
  • Updates to the Composition section, to include boundary and legal entity specific compositions, as well as specific requirements for nanomaterials
  • Additional IUCLID requirements for substances with Annex III exemptions
  • Updated requirements for entering use and exposure information

ECHA have announced that REACH-IT 3 will be released on 21st June, meaning that any registration dossiers submitted after this point will need to be provided in the new IUCLID 6 format. Data can be migrated from IUCLID 5.6 to IUCLID 6, but registrants should not underestimate the task of upgrading to IUCLID 6 and should ensure that sufficient time is available for migrating data and for carrying out any updates to meet the new completeness checks.

Prior to the launch of IUCLID 6, ECHA announced that the new version of the CHESAR software, used for preparing exposure assessments, has been delayed and a new release date for the software is due to be announced.

wca staff are experienced at preparing IUCLID dossiers, for single substances and categories, and have been closely following the upgrade to IUCLID 6. We work with our trusted partner, Quidne IT, to provide hosting and support services for IUCLID, and can help with the setup and migration of data into IUCLID 6.