November 10, 2016 by Iain Wilson

The Italian Institute for Protection and Environmental Research (ISPRA) have released their national guidance on biota monitoring and biotic ligand models (BLMs) in the publication Guidance document on priority substance monitoring under the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) and it is available from the link above or the ISPRA website.

The guidance is aimed to facilitate the implementation of environmental quality standards (EQS) in biota under WFD to promote consistency in the application of biota standards in Italian waterbodies, however, it also acts useful information on these issues for all waterbodies.

The guidance is separated into two parts; Criteria for Monitoring of Priority substance in Biota and Physical and Chemical Criteria for Assessing the Concentration of Lead and Nickel based on bioavailability for site-specific waters. Part I details the general strategy for monitoring including the selection of species, sampling stations, sampling periods and frequency. It also includes details of the current monitoring programme being performed. Part II, provides an introduction to bioavailability and BLMs including both full and simplified user-friendly BLMs and provides and overview of the simplified BLMs available. Furthermore, it also includes instructions for the use of M-BAT, for which there is an Italian version (developed in conjunction with wca and available for download here), and details the validated conditions for this model.

If you have any questions or queries regarding BLMs please contact wca via our contact form.