May 26, 2016 by Iain Wilson

The Bioavailability Implementation Forum was held during the SETAC Europe conference in Nantes on the 24th May to discuss meeting the challenges of implementing bioavailability-based EQS for metals.

The purpose of the meeting was to provide an update on initiatives in regard to bioavailability and BLMs that are of relevance to regulatory implementation. Furthermore, there was the opportunity to discuss existing challenges and practical solutions to the challenges faced. The outputs of the meeting and the presentations are all available online to download.

The meeting comprised of presentations on:

- Australian Initiatives for nickel – validation and testing at low hardness
- Zinc boundary condition extensions – pH range extension
- Nordic Council of Ministers – validation testing in natural waters
- Marine environments and bioavailability – North America testing
- US and Canadian uptake of bioavailability concepts?
- APEC initiatives and bioavailability application
- Acute metal exposures and BLMs

As well as discussions on the implementation of bioavailability based EQSs – Guidance, the remaining challenges of implementing bioavailability approaches, a global view on the administration and legislation on bioavailability and a forward look at what is happening now or about to happen in regard to metal bioavailability.

All the presentations and a meeting summary document are available for download on the wca website in the downloads section.

If you would like to know more about BLMs or the Bioavailability Implementation Forum please contact us and we will discuss this further with you.