November 15, 2016 by Adam Peters

I recently attended the SETAC world congress in Orlando to give a presentation in a session organised by the USEPA on scientific advances supporting Water Quality Criteria derivation on deriving standards for situations where Good Ecological Status is unlikely to be achieved. The session included talks on a number of interesting areas, such as the similarities and differences between different regional regulatory approaches, emerging tools for data interpretation or estimation, and increased use of mesocosm and field evidence in the derivation of water quality criteria. The effects of dissolved salts on aquatic communities continues to receive a considerable amount of interest in relation to the effects of produced waters from industrial operations, leaching from overburden on mine sites, and water use in arid areas. I also co-chaired an exciting session on the modelling and interpretation of the effects of metal mixtures with Kevin Brix of EcoTox, and presented a poster on the implementation options for a water quality standard for nickel in Australia in trying to strike a balance between ecological relevance and complexity.

Additionally, abstract submission for the scientific programme for the 27th SETAC Europe Annual Meeting to be held in Brussels from the 7th to 11th May 2017 is open now abstracts can be submitted here, the submission deadline is Wednesday 23 November 2016 at 23:59 CET.