February 19, 2014 by Dean Leverett

We’re very pleased to welcome two new staff to wca.

George Kowalczyk will be joining our human health/ toxicology team in February. George has over 30 years of experience in the assessment of human health risks from chemicals in a wide variety of settings including environmental, occupational and pharmaceutical sectors. In governmental agencies (Department of Health, HPA, and recently Public Health England) George has had strategic roles in national chemicals policy and guidance, particularly for contaminated land, drinking water and COMAH Regulations.

George will add to our existing human health and mammalian toxicology capabilities and, as a former regulator, will significantly add to our existing expertise in this area. George’s focus will be on supporting the toxicological elements of chemicals risk assessment for both industrial and regulatory clients, including work on REACH (REACH Services).

Becky Brown will be joining our ecotoxicology and risk assessment team in March. Becky is an applied environmental toxicologist with 20 years experience of delivering environmental fate and effects projects for customers from industry, academia and government. Her specific areas of expertise include PBT assessment, marine risk assessment, endocrine disruption, screening methods, mixtures of contaminants and exposure solutions for difficult substances (e.g. WAFs, UV activation).

Becky will further develop our work on risk assessment of chemicals, particularly in the expanding areas of endocrine disruption (EDC Services) and pharmaceuticals (Pharmaceutical Services).