March 14, 2013 by Rhiannon Smith

As we head forward in 2013, with the May 31st REACH registration deadline racing closer, activity in the office is stepping up a gear. We are currently involved in a range of REACH-related projects, with work for a significant number of substances to be registered in 2013. Several of our projects are continuations of those from 2010, where consortia require the registration of numerous substances over a range of tonnage bands. Many of our projects involve groups of similar substances and so, as part of category approaches, there are many lower tonnage substances (<100 tonnes per annum with a 2018 deadline) being registered in 2013 as well.

Working with consortia, both large and small, as well as individual lead- and co-registrants, here at wca, we are acting for clients as sole technical contractor and with other consultancies as a member of a technical team.

Building on the knowledge gained from our REACH work for 2010, we are extending our experience with IUCLID 5 entry, and CSA/CSR (chemical safety assessment, chemical safety reports) and dossier generation, as well as PBT (persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic) assessments and PNEC (Predicted No Effect Concentrations) and DNEL (Derived No Effect Level) derivations. We are working on environmental and human health exposure and risk assessments for a range of organics, metals and organo-metallics.

In addition to the registration work, we are currently involved in a range of other REACH-related projects. These include spontaneous updates for 2010 submissions, proposals for harmonised classification and labelling, responding to queries from ECHA, Socio-Economic Analysis and the registration of a nanomaterial under the REACH regulation.

With a large variety of successful registrations already submitted and the 2013 deadline nearing, we are looking to the future, with preliminary work on 2018 registrations already underway for a number of clients. If you are looking for an environmental consultancy with proven REACH experience to help you with your 2018 registration please get in touch