March 27, 2013 by Dean Leverett

David Taylor will be presenting a plenary lecture at the international conference ‘Pharmaceuticals in the Environment – Is there a problem?‘ organised by Pharmasand Cytothreat, in Nimes (France) on the 3rd and 4th June 2013.

David’s plenary lecture will lead the session on ‘Perspectives on Problem Assessment and Future Actions’ by highlighting the broad conclusions that have resulted from almost 30 years of research into pharmaceuticals in the environment, and which have led us to the current position where pharmaceuticals as a group of chemicals appear to have been singled out for special attention. The lecture will then explore the rationale for considering all pharmaceuticals as a special case, and consider if this is scientifically justifiable or if it would be more appropriate to consider specific pharmaceuticals as being part of the more general issue of “emerging contaminants”.