April 10, 2012 by David Taylor

Following two successful events in 2008 and 2010, the 3rd Conference on Sustainable Pharmacy will be held in Osnabruck on 19th and 20th November 2012. The theme of this 3rd meeting is Refine, Reduce, Replace

This event provides a platform for discussions between participants of academia, industry, research, authorities, nongovernmental organisations and students. In contrast to past events, where all the presentations were by invitation, this one will have the classical conference format. Therefore, participants are invited to give lectures and present posters.

Sustainability has emerged as a key issue not only for the pharmaceutical industry but also for authorities and consumers. The concept of sustainable development calls for an economy based on the life-cycle approach, covering both sustainable production and sustainable consumption.

The scope of the 2012 conference is around solutions along the life cycle of pharmaceuticals. They will be classified according to measures and approaches within one of the three basic categories reduction, refinement and replacement along the life cycle of pharmaceuticals.